Burgmeister Watches: Chronograph “London“ is coming – with cult caliber ETA/Valjoux 7750

Published on 04.10.2011

Duesseldorf – Oktober 2011. 2011 is going to be the most exciting year for Burgmeister since the foundation of the Dusseldorf-based watch makers. The market launch of two trailblazing models is firmly included in the plan for 2011: the brandnew model “London” – an elegant chrongraph with an ETA/Valjoux 7750 caliber – and the first Tourbillon model which is sure to cause a sensation. With both of these watch concepts, Burgmeister is defining new quality standards in the mid-price segment.

For nearly 40 years, the name ETA/Valjoux 7750 has been a synonym for chronograph calibers which unite the highest precision with maximum robustness. For decades now, famous watch brands from Switzerland and Germany have used derivatives of this quality caliber, designed in 1973, and available today in a variety of design and watch complications. The ETA/Valjoux 7750 technical data is impressive. The Incabloc shock protection makes sure that the precision mechanics in the genuine Swiss automatic movement can resist quite hefty shocks as much as possible.

This year, Burgmeister also intend to enable their customers to profit from the advantages of the Swiss cult caliber – and with the “London” model they are now extending their wide range to include a high-quality chronograph. Technophiles and watch experts who esteem the appropriate functionalities as well as a striking design will definitely find the new Burgmeister watch to their taste. “London” corresponds with the strict Burgmeister product philosophy by distinguishing itself with a clear and easily readable watch face with lots of numbers on it, as well luminous hands. The screwable, knurled push piece permits an uncomplicated setting of the chronograph. However, “London” is absolutely practical, not only because it goes well with stylish clothing, due to the fact that its bezel is finely and decoratively ground in the Spotting style, but also the filigree, contoured crocodile skin wristband always provides for a contemporary appearance. The watch will be available following its market launch in autumn, 2011 from the authorized online specialist retailer.

And parallel to the forthcoming market launch of “London”, the Burgmeister designers are planning the next collection of the highlights of 2011. Most probably the second climax of the current watch season: Before the turn of the year, Burgmeister will, for the first time present a model with Tourbillon which will enable constant and precise time measurement across the entire watch range. Watch friends across the world soon have the opportunity to call another genuine piece of high horology their own, and at an affordable price.

Additional, up-to-date information regarding the new Burgmeister models can be found on the company’s official Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Burgmeister/146458885408349

With the men’s chronograph “London“, Burgmeister brings its first model with ETA/Valjoux 7750 movement onto the market.

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Burgmeister watches look back on successful year 2010

Düsseldorf – January 2011. Classically elegant or sportingly functional: The watch collections from Burgmeister meet the various expectations placed on modern men’s or women’s watches. Burgmeister’s team can look back on a successful year in 2010 and also wants to further satisfy its demanding clientele with a wide variety of exclusive models in 2011.

The fiscal year 2010 was a complete success for Burgmeister Timepieces. With a total of five exclusive collections, the Burgmeister brand was able to establish itself in the high-end segment of the market for mechanical and quartz operated watches. In the process, Burgmeister’s strict quality and service orientation paid off with which the company commits to a maximum performance in the sector of watchmaking as well to a contemporary, functional design.

In 2010 the bestsellers in Burgmeister’s portfolio were, among others, watch models designed in a traditional style such as the chronograph „Melbourne“. This watch is a chronometer, which brings the tradition of the first legendary pilots’ watches from the 20th century into our modern times. Watch lovers with an enthusiasm for technology are thrilled with the „Melbourne“ model because of the tachymeter, calendar and stopwatch, which found a spot on the large high-contrast dial.


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